Pappas Cousins Reunion

Pappas Cousins Reunion July 2012

Grandchildren of Louis Pappas (Papagiannakos) and Angelina Eftaxias gather on July 21, 2012 for our first cousins reunion.

On July 21, the grandchildren of Louis Pappas (Papagiannakos) & Angelina Eftaxias gathered for our very first “cousins reunion” in New Jersey. Louis & Angelina had four children: Catherine (my mother), Bertha, Nick & Bill. Except for Nick’s four children who live in California, all of us East Coast cousins were there with our spouses and some our children. We spent a delightful summer afternoon just as our parents and grandparents used to do:  eating traditional Greek food, talking politics and business, and catching up on family news. We were especially happy to have a baby shower for one of our cousins who will have a new baby girl in early August.

As I watched the younger children playing on the lawn, I was struck by the shift in generations. It didn’t seem that long ago that my cousins and I were the ones running through the house or exploring the yard. All of our parents are gone; only my uncle’s wife remains at age 89. My cousins and I are now the older generation.

I spent hours scanning many of my mother and grandmother’s old photos which were shared on CDs. I also compiled notebooks of Eftaxias family history. Passing these out to my cousins gave me a sense of joy and continuity. With today’s technology, sharing family history is easy. Making it a priority to do so is the big challenge!