A Joyful Family Reunion

On October 12, 2013, the “East Coast” descendants of my grandparents, Louis Pappas (Ilias Papagiannakos) and Angelina Eftaxias Pappas, gathered in Westwood, New Jersey to celebrate the baptism of Megan Sophia Ryan, the great-granddaughter of Louis and Angelina, and daughter of Lois (Pappas) and Bobby Ryan.

Group with caption

Our grandparents had four children: Catherine, Bertha, William and Nicholas. Those of us in the photo above are the families of Catherine (Carol Petranek & John Kostakos), Bertha (Louis & John Pouletsos), and William (Lois Ryan & Pam Bergonzoni). Pauline Pappas, center front in wheelchair, is the wife of William and the only one of our parents who is living. She turned 90 years old in July and was thrilled to be with her family. We miss our “West Coast” California cousins who descend from Nicholas:  Louis, Nick, Paula and Vincent. We hope that someday soon, all of us can be together.

I am sure that our parents were smiling down at us as we gathered for such a happy event. Family activities were such an important part of their lives, and I am happy to say, they are for us as well.

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