The new road from Athens to Sparta

During my first visit to Sparta years ago, the main road from Athens to Sparta was winding and narrow, making the trip long (over 4 hours) but picturesque as I drove over the Corinth Canal and through the many villages.

In 2014, a new road extended from Athens to Tripoli. It bypassed Corinth and the villages to Tripoli. It was a breeze to drive the smoothly paved, new superhighway; however, I had to exit onto local roads to continue from Tripoli to Sparta.

Now, the new highway is competed, cutting the travel time down to 2-1/2 hours. Today (April 8, 2016), Eleftharia online posted a video of the new road with this brief description (google translated):  Within the next ten days awaiting delivery motorway Lefktro – Sparta (A71), which will reduce the distance of laconic capital from Kalamata, Tripoli and Athens. The visited the motorway and publish shots of the new road, the statue of Leonidas, the municipal stadium, but also a panoramic view of Sparta …

Finished just in time for my next visit! I loved seeing the new road I will soon be traversing. Enjoy the view with me!


4 thoughts on “The new road from Athens to Sparta

  1. Just a thought upon reading this. When “Route 66” was replaced by a highway, many small towns along the way lost the commerce of travelers and faded away. Something lost while something gained. There is a wonderful book about this: “Blue Highways” by William Least Heat-Moon.

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