I will be adding stories and photos of my ancestors and collateral lines here.


23 thoughts on “Ancestors

  1. Peter Nicholas Varros ( BΟΥΡΛΟYΣHΣ is how he wrote it in Greek)
    1880–1953BIRTH 13 OCT 1880 • Sparta, Attiki, Attiki, Greece
    DEATH 1953 • Boston, Massachusetts, USA

    • Hi Juliet, are you seeking information on Varros? Sparta is in Laconia in the Peloponnese. Be sure you have the correct place as you search for records as they are location specific.

  2. I recently found out that my bio father was a Stan Christakos. Christos? from Sparta. He immigrated to America in the early 1920 New York and moved to Toronto Ontario where he opened a Café Stan’s Diner. He passed away in 1958/59. He was married with other children whom I am searching for. Any help would greatly be appreciated

  3. Hi Hopefully you can help me. My Great Grandfather’s name was Stamios Tsouris he had nieces or sisters Theo, Euginia, and half brothers Andrew and John. He also was close to Antionio Tsouris as I have his passport from his entering from Canada into the United States. Everyone lived on the island Chios and left in and around 1890-1910. I am very interested in finding the relatives of his sisters who married and stayed on the island (atleast where there in 1928) Any help or direction of help would be appreciated. Thank you

    • Hi Bessie,
      Thank you for contacting me. I have a friend who is an expert in Chios research. Please let me know if you have a Facebook account, as she has a couple of FB pages where people help each other.

  4. Hello, seeking any info on how to trace lineage in Distomo. I am searching for any information on my paternal grandparents names. My father’s name is Efstathios Sfondouris born in 1935. Thank you! 🙂

  5. My Grandfathers name was George Edward Chamales and the Nazis killed his parents in Distomo Massacre on June 10 1944. Grandpa and his sister were told to hide by there mother!!!! He came to Chicago and met and married my grandmother Iona Robinson and had my mother Katherine Viola Chamales if any information my email

  6. My great grandfather George Edward Chamales Born Dec 31 1898 and died in Distimo Levadia Greece June 1977
    Only survivor with sister of Distimo Massacre if any info please text Sheryll

  7. My grandfather was john liouris from Anaventri sparta gr. Hafe two brothers Alex and Demetrie.How can I find more about my great grandfather and great great grandfather?

  8. My grandfather we believe was born in Sparta in 1887 – his name was Epimmondas Maninos later changed to Peter Manos in America. He left Greece in 1905 for New York. His family lived on a farm and he was the only son in the family. I am trying to gather any information I can on the family. Thank You. Laura Gallagher

  9. Hi- I’ve been researching my family and have run across your research. My paternal grandmother’s maiden name was Stavroula Xanthakis and her parents were Damianos and Vasiliki or Vasilo. The Xanthakis name has several versions- Xanthous, Xanthos, etc. I believe that someone related to my grandmother was also related to a Panagiotis Xanthakis/Panoraia Xanthakou who appear on your family tree in I also know that my grandmother was from a village en route to Kalamata (i saw a map on this page of what you believe to be the movement from Sparti) which makes sense. I am just starting my research on my family and came across your work. Very interesting.

  10. My Great Grandpa came here from Chios about 1903 ish. His Greek name I think was Stamati Tsouri/Tsouris, in America Changed to Samuel Chouris, His Dad named George or Georgios, I have no information at all other than a few letters and a few additional Greek Family Members.
    I don’t even know where to start.

  11. Carol,
    My U.S. name is Chamales but I think it was changed from Tsamalis (Karitsa). The fountain in front of the church in Kosmas has our family name, “Chamales” built with money sent from the Chamales brothers of Chicago. I have been trying to see if Tsamalis and Chamales are the same. My grandmothers name was Michilarias. You have a wonderful web site!

  12. I am searching for my families history from gorani,.americanized version of surname is Marinos or Marinakos, from the original Marinakou.. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Carol,didn’t know there two villages of Ayios Ioannis? My Aunt Mitraleinou lives in Ayios Ioannis;near a beautiful church nearby. My sister-in-law’s family:One of his Uncle;s surname;Lagonikos. Thanks for your important research findings of Hellenic-Genealogy.

  14. My papou came from St. John and was wondering if you have come across the family name of Vouklizas….my father of course mentioned the greek spelling with a b at one time yet my relatives in Greece use the v. I have been working on my yiayia’s side from Gorani and now starting the other.

    • Hello Helen – thank you very much for writing. I have some Mitroon Arrenon (Male Registers) and I will look for the Vouklizas surname. There are two villages of St. Johns — my ancestors are from the one that is close to Sparta, southwest of the city, and near Mystras. The other St. Johns is northeast of Sparta, farther away. Would you happen to know which of the 2 might be your ancestor’s village? Also, I know of a village, Gounari, also close to Sparta. I think that may be your yiayia’s village?? I would be very happy to help you with your research. How have you found info on your yiayia’s family? Best wishes, Carol Kostakos Petranek

      • I’ve been trying to get more information but relatives think it was closer to Sparti. I did find my grandmothers village…it is south of Sparta quite a distance.

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