Celebrating Ten Years of Greek Genealogy

This post was written by my colleague, Gregory Kontos, founder of GreekAncestry.net. I am both proud and honored to be part of this 10-year movement in Greek genealogy. It is the capstone of my life to honor my ancestors, participate in Greek record preservation, and to help others.

Gregory Kontos and me, preparing to digitize Lakonia village church books at the Metropolis of Sparta, 2019

Below is a list of some of the events highlighted. Please read the full article here.

Ten years Hellenic Genealogy Geek:
An assessment of last ten-year developments

In a few days, on April 16th, Hellenic Genealogy Geek celebrates its anniversary. When it was created ten years ago, in 2010, no one would have imagined the developments that were to follow in the field of Greek genealogy. Feeling blessed to have participated in some of them, I decided to list those which I consider the most emblematic and add my own testimony. It is a story of people sharing their passion and joining forces to advance Greek genealogy.

  • April 2010 – Foundation of the Hellenic Genealogy Geek
  • 2011 – The Family Trees of Southern Parnon
  • November 2014 – “Ancient Roots”, the Greek episode of “Finding your Roots”
  • April 2015 – The First National Hellenic American Genealogy Conference
  • September 2015 –A Hellenic Genealogy Conference in Salt Lake City
  • December 2016 – MyHeritage gets interested in Greece
  • 2020 is the year of triple success: Greek genealogy session at RootsTech; launch of GreekAncestry; forthcoming release of MyHeritage Greek records collection

In the final paragraph, Gregory invites us all to join in this exciting and groundbreaking movement:  Co-operations are deemed necessary, and, for this reason, as Greek Ancestry’s founder, I would like to make an open call to whoever is interested in the advancement of the field.

You can read the full article here.

Exactly When Were You Born?

Family historians are more than fact-finders–we are “fact-fixators,” obsessed with finding one more piece of evidence to prove a theory or a relationship. We want to be sure that the families we are piecing together are accurate. This determination to find the “proof” is what keeps us “in the hunt.”

I have learned not to expect absolute, but varying, birthdates for my immigrant ancestors in U.S. records. I know that they celebrated namedays, not birthdays; and maybe someone was nervous when being questioned by an official and could not remember. Or even more common, he/she just did not know.  I get it, and I accept it.

But I do expect accuracy in primary sources. Church books, created by priests at the time of the event, should constitute a high level of proof. Yet I am finding contradictions in the very records that should set the standard of correctness.

Like many Greek villages, Agios Ioannis, Sparta, has more than one church. Koimisi tis Theotokou was the old one, but it is now open only on certain religious holidays. Agias Triadas  is the church currently used for Sunday services and religious events such as baptisms and marriages.

Each of these churches has a set of books, and their years overlap beginning in 1913. Many people are listed in both books–the names are the same, but in many cases, the event dates are different.

Here is an example:   Kalliopi Lambropoulos was the daughter of Anastasios Lambropoulos and Vasilo Metronou. She was born and baptized in Agios Ioannis, but WHEN was she born?  [click on images to enlarge]

Kalliopi Lambropoulos, born October 16, 1916, no baptism date

Kalliopi Lambropoulos, born January 19, 1917; baptized October 15, 1917.

Kalliopi Lambropoulos, born January 19, 1917; baptized July 2, 1917.

Two different birthdates. Two different baptism dates. Same person.

I have ruled out that these are three different people with the same name because:

  • the earliest birthdate, October 16, 1916 and the latest birthdate, January 19, 1917 are only three months apart
  • the parents and godparent are the same in all three records
  • the family structure in other records shows only one daughter named Kalliopi

I had been working from an index, and the indexer typed one of the birthdates as January 15. It was not until I examined the original record that I caught the error. Always, always look at the original!

Because two of the three records give a birthdate of January 19, 1917, I will assume that is correct. But the baptism dates are three months apart. To resolve this conflict, during my next trip to Sparta, I could go to either the Lixarheion (municipal office) or Dimarheion (Town Hall) and request to see the civil birth record for Kalliopi. In Greece, civil birth records also record the date of baptism.

This experience of finding conflicting information in records emphasizes the importance of trying to find ALL the records available for an individual. In this case, even finding one church record cannot “prove” a fact when the data sources vary.

Is being a “fact-fixator” important? Absolutely! The more facts we have, the sounder our conclusions. Facts are ways to prove an assumption, and in genealogy, that assumption means a specific person belongs to a specific family.

But ultimately, all that matters is that we have connected the right people as families. Does it truly matter if Kalliopi was born October 16, 1916 or January 19, 1917? She is in the right family, and ensuring that fact is why I remain “in the hunt.”

Greece 2019 – If These Books Could Talk

Every one of the 715 village church books in Laconia which I digitized this summer tells a story. From the earliest books dated 1860 to those of today, a panoply of human milestones unfold. From celebratory births, baptisms and marriages to somber funerals, the vital events of many thousands of Laconians are documented and now preserved.

These extant volumes have experienced the horrors of wars, the uncertainties of occupations, and the debacles of natural disasters. Their pages have managed to withstand insect infestations, water damage, mold on covers and on pages, ink spills and human neglect. Honestly, it is a miracle that so many survived.

There was mold throughout this book

Birth-Marriage-Death Book 1913-52

Birth-Marriage-Death Book 1913-52. Flattening the pages of this book to enable digitization took hours, and was done with the assistance of my cousin, Panorea Kostakos (see photo below).

My cousin, Panorea Kostakos, helps to sort and then flatten pages.

But these books reveal much more–the sagas of their villages. They are pieces of history, chronicling the demise of picturesque mountain villages and revealing the growth of places in the fertile Spartan valley. I can see which villages are dying and which are thriving. When I visit uninhabited villages high in the Taygetos, the death versus birth entries reveal the exact timeline of decline with statistical accuracy.

School house in the now uninhabited village of Barsinikos/Taygeti, atop the Taygetos mountains. The school closed in the 1950s due to lack of students.

This sign, “Kalo Taxidi” bids visitors a “good trip” as they leave the high mountain village of Barsinikos/Taygeti.

Village churches do not have “offices” or clerical staff. The priest does everything. Some churches may have a storage area with a desk where books are kept, but many priests keep books in their own homes.

A priest’s desk in a church “office.”

Storage area in a village church

There were times I was saddened by the condition of the books, and times when I marveled at the ingenuity of the priests in their efforts to maintain them. I saw some very creative (although definitely non-archival) restorative measures.

Newspaper book cover

Flowered contact paper used to repair binding

Packing tape was used throughout this book to keep it together

This book is held together with string and metal wire

The photos below show examples of pages from birth, marriage and death books. In 1912, the Orthodox Church standardized book formats, and all priests were to use these new books. I was stunned to find that many priests are still recording entries in books which began in 1912–that means they are using books that are 107 years old!

Magoula, Sparta. Births, Baptisms 1908-1934

Vamvakou,  Deaths 1914-2004

Monemvasia, Marriages 1913-1997

Books from the 1800’s are either faded, almost to the point of non-readability, or in fragments.

Mystras, Births 1860-1885. Although the book is in remarkably good condition, the ink has faded, making it difficult to read the entries

Sykea, Death 1859-1913. The priest had the fragmented pages preserved on rice paper, and the book was rebound

This book of deaths has been rebound and digitized on a CD.

Vlachioti, Deaths 1912-1978. Rebound and digitized, with pages preserved on rice paper

At the start of this project, I was anticipating that most Laconian villages had books dating pre-1900. After all, these villages are hundreds of years old and survived Ottoman, Venetian and Nazi occupation. Sadly, only 11 villages (under the jurisdiction of the Metropolis of Sparta and Monemvasia) have at least one book which has entries from the 1860’s or later: Anogeia, Agios Ioannis (Sparta), Geraki, Mystras, Krokees, Koulentia (Ellinikou), Perivolia, Sykea, Voutiani, Vroulia (now Sellasia), Xirokambi. Sadly, so much of our history has already been lost. But we now have “put our finger in the dike” by preserving what does exist and having back-up copies at the Metropolis.

This work could not be done without the support of Gilad Japeth, CEO of MyHeritage.com. His company will host these digital images and foster the acquisition of additional Greek record collections.This will help meet the increasing demand for vital records from Greece:  over 22,600 people are members of the Hellenic Genealogy Geek Facebook page with many new additions daily. We are riding a tsunami of interest and the wave continues to increase.

It is a privilege for me to have the opportunity to preserve the records of my ancestral homeland. I am grateful for the trust of Bishop Efstathios, who embraced the idea of record preservation with great enthusiasm and sincerity, and allowed me to handle these volumes. As a volunteer, this is one small way I can “give back” to the community which gave my family life.

Working in the Metropolis conference room to digitize the village church books

Greece 2019 – Church Books in Villages of Laconia Digitized

Mission accomplished! The existing birth, marriage and death books of all villages in Laconia, which are under the purview of the Metropolis of Sparta and Monemvasia, have been digitized and preserved. At the direction of Bishop Efstathios and under the supervision of Dimitris Skiadas, priests in 139 villages brought their books to the Metropolis office in Sparta.

Father Seraphim examines books to be digitized

The project was organized by Gregory Kontos, Greek Records Specialist for MyHeritage, which provided the camera equipment. I digitized the records, working eight hours per day from June 3-July 9.

Gregory Kontos and Carol Kostakos Petranek set up camera equipment at the Metropolis of Sparta

Church records are of inestimable importance in family history research, as they provide primary source data of life’s major events. In Greece, these books can only be examined on-site; there are few, if any, Greek church records online. This project is the first of its kind in Greece, and Bishop Efstathios is to be recognized and commended for his foresight in preserving the records of the Metropolis and its villages. To my knowledge, he is the first Bishop in Greece to approve such a project. Next summer, we will honor him at a special ceremony in Sparta.

Every priest who brought us his books now has a USB drive with the images, and the Metropolis has a backup of every village book.

Book with USB drive

When the priests arrived to pick up their books, they were delighted to see the USB drive and they told me they will put on the images on their computers. Hopefully, this will “save” the books as they no longer will need to be opened or handled. Many were in poor condition.

Digitized books, with USB drives, are ready for pickup

Papa Panagiotis of the village of Theologos arrives to pick up his books

I was sad to see how much of our history has already been lost. Some of these villages are hundreds of years old, but their records are recent. I asked what happened to their missing books and was disheartened to hear that countless ones which had deteriorated due to age, moisture, mold, insect or water damage were thrown away. Some were used to start fires, others were destroyed during wars. I saw books that were carefully restored, and others that were pathetically neglected.

A future post will describe the books in detail. This one is to provide information on every village and its extant books which have been digitized. Just a handful of churches have records which date prior to 1900, and they are marked with an asterisk. Most books begin around 1912, when the Greek Orthodox Church issued standardized books.

Should you wish to contact a village priest, a list of all the churches under the jurisdiction of the Metropolis of Sparta can be found here.

Some of these books will eventually be online at MyHeritage, with restrictions due to privacy and information on living people.

Villages Books Years *pre-1900
Afissou, Sparta Birth, Baptism 1913-65
Birth, Baptism 1972-2018
Death 1913-2018
Marriage 1913-2017
Ag. Apostolos Voion, Neapolis Birth, Baptism 1959-2015
Birth, Baptism 2017-19
Death 1958-2016
Death 2017-19
Marriage 1958-2014
Marriage 2017-17
Ag. Dimitrios, Monemvasia Birth, Baptism 1971-2019
Death 1916-2019
Marriage 1916-2017
Ag. Georgios Voion, Neapolis Birth, Baptism 1970-2018
Death 1982-2019
Marriage 1970-2017
Ag. Nikolaos Voion, Neapolis Birth, Baptism 1944-72
Birth, Baptism 1972-2017
Death 1948-2019
Marriage 1953-2019
Aggelona, Molaoi Birth, Baptism 1912-69
Birth, Baptism 1971-2018
Death 1912-91
Death 2010-2019
Marriage 1995-2016
Agios Dimitrios Zarakas, Molaoi Birth, Baptism 1955-91
Birth, Baptism 1977-2018
Death 1923-55
Death 1946-2000
Marriage 1920-87
Marriage 2002-19
Agios Ioannis, Monemvasia Birth, Baptism 1912-71
Birth, Baptism 1971-2013
Birth, Baptism 2014-19
Death 1912-2013
Death 2013-19
Marriage 1914-2013
Marriage 2013-19
Agios Ioannis, Sparta Birth & Baptism 1878-1978 *
Birth & Baptism 1913-1955
Birth & Baptism 1951-1961
Birth, Baptism 1981-2019
Death 1913-1980
Death 1982-2019
Marriage 1914-1981
Marriage 1982-2019
Agios Konstandinos – Regkozena, Kastoreio Baptism 1983-87
Baptism 1998-2018
Birth, Baptism 1972-2002
Marriage 2014-15
Agios Nikolaos, Charisio Sparta Birth, Baptism 1939-72
Birth, Baptism 1972-2018
Death 1949-2012
Marriage 1949-74
Marriage 1975-2019
Agios Nikolaos, Monemvasias Birth, Baptism 1924-79
Birth, Baptism 1972-2017
Death 1917-2018
Marriage 1924-2016
Agios Nikonas   Sparta Birth, Baptism 1938-48
Birth, Baptism 1948-87
Birth, Baptism 1968-73
Birth, Baptism 1972-86
Death 1947-58
Death 1984-2011
Marriage 1948-1986
Marriage 1948-49
Birth, Baptism 1986-2019
B-M-D 1907-20
Death 2012-19
Marriage 1987-2019
Agios Spyridon, Sparta Birth, Baptism 1970-2017
Death 1967-2017
Marriage 1967-2017
Agios Vasileios, Sparta Birth, Baptism 2003-2019
Death 2005-15
Marriage 2006-18
Agoriani, Kastoreio Baptism 2009-2018
Birth, Baptism 1972-2016
Death 1952-2019
Death 2003-2019
Marriage 1951-2018
Alaibei, Panygyritsa, Skala Birth, Baptism 1923-24
Birth, Baptism 1951-2018
Marriage 1957-2018
Alepochori, Geraki Birth, Baptism 1970-2000
Death 1913-2006
Death 2010-
Marriage 1987-2010
Alevrou, Kastoreio Birth, Baptism 1913-2014 (1969-2014 missing)
Birth, Baptism 1971-2019
Death 1914-2019
Marriage 1913-2015
Amykles, Sparta Baptism 2017-2019
Death 2005-2019
Marriage 1994-2019
Marriage 2014-2019
Anavryti, Sparta Birth, Baptism 1913-1946
Birth, Baptism 1955-
Birth, Baptism 1955-1970
Birth, Baptism 1913-1946
Death 1913-1950
Death 1913-1968
Death 1987-2019
Marriage 1913-1949
Marriage 1913-1983
Marriage 1984-2017
Anogeia, Xirokambi Birth, baptism 1869-1921 *
Birth, baptism 1913-1954
Death 1913-1955
Marriage 1913-1980
Apidea, Vlahioti Baptism varied
Birth, Baptism 1913-96
Birth, Baptism 1972-2019
Death 1913-2019
Marriage 1914-2019
Apideas Agios Ioannis, Vlahioti Birth, Baptism 1968-2017
Death 1969-2018
Marriage 1970-2006
Arachova (Karyes or Karyon), Vresthenon Birth, Baptism 1913-2017
Marriage 1907-12
Marriage 1912-2018
Arkasadas, Xirokambi Birth, Baptism 1913-1971
Birth, Baptism 1971-2015
Death 1913-2018
Marriage 1913-2014
Asopos, Asopo Birth, Baptism 1952-75
Birth, Baptism 1970-2017
Death 1952-79
Death 1979-2019
Marriage 1955-2010
Marriage 2011-2019
Asteri (Bryniko), Vlachioti Birth, Baptism 1918-2017
Death 1916-2018
Marriage 1921-2018
Chrysafa, Sparta Birth, baptism 1912-1923
Birth, baptism 1913-1957
Birth, baptism 1955-1970
Death 1915-1966
Marriage 1914-1993
Dafni, Sparta Birth, Baptism 1915-47
Birth, Baptism 1947-71
Birth, Baptism 1971-2018
Death 1947-2019
Marriage 1947-2018
Daimonia, Elikas Birth, Baptism 1914-96
Birth, Baptism 1955-2017
Death 1913-97
Death 1997-2018
Marriage 1913-95
Marriage 1997-2018
Elafonisos, Neapolis Birth, Baptism 1971-2019
Death 1966-2019
Marriage 1915-33 & 1947-72
Marriage 1972-2019
Elaias, Molaoi Birth, Baptism 1977-2018
Death 1958-2019
Marriage 1995-2019
Elika, Elikas Birth, Baptism 1913-71
Birth, Baptism 1971-2019
Death 1922-2011
Death 2012-2019
Marriage 1922-2018
Elos (Douraly), Vlachioti Birth, Baptism 1913-54
Birth, Baptism 1955-2007
Birth, Baptism 2008-18
Death 1913-2008
Death 2009-19
Marriage 1914-2008
Marriage 2009-18
Faraklo, Neapolis Birth, Baptism 1913-53
Birth, Baptism 1952-2014
Birth, Baptism 1970-2017
Death 1913-2018
Marriage 1913-97
Foinikio, Asopo Birth, Baptism 1966-2018
Death 1966-2009
Marriage 1966-2018
Georgitsi, Kastoreio Birth, Baptism 1913-54
Birth, Baptism 1916-58
Birth, Baptism 2010-2017
B-M-D 1954-2019
Death 1907-2019
Death 1913-55
Marriage 1912-1950
Geraki, Geraki Birth 1948-2019
B-M-D B 1860-86; M 1860-78; D 1860-77 *
Death 1913-1977
Death 2003-2019
Marriage 1913-1979
Gkoritsa, Geraki Birth, Baptism 1913-50
Birth, Baptism 1952-72
Birth, Baptism 1971-2018
Death 1977-2019
Marriage 1953-2002
Marriage 2002-2019
Glykogrisi (Bezani), Vlahioti Birth, Baptism 1913-59
Birth, Baptism 1971-2018
Death 1913-81
Death 1991-2008
Death 2009-19
Marriage 1913-61
Marriage 1980-2017
Gorani, Xirokambi Baptism 1991-97
Baptism 1998-2018
Birth, Baptism 1933-70
Death 1912-45
Death 1999-2019
Marriage 2014-18
Gounari, Sparta Birth, Baptism 1947-1978
Birth, Baptism 1979-2010
Death 1947-2019
Marriage 1948-2005
Gouves, Vlachioti Birth, Baptism 1915-67
Death 1915-58
Marriage 1937-60
Grammousa, Skala Birth, Baptism 1985-2015
Death 1985-2019
Marriage 1987-2018
Harakas, Molaoi Birth, Baptism 2006-18
Death 2006-18
Marriage 1988-94
Ierakas, Molaoi Birth, Baptism 1997-2017
Death 1912-54
Death 1954-86
Death 1986-2000
Death 2000-2019
Marriage 1953-67
Marriage 1986-2018
Kalivia Soha, Sparta Birth, Baptism 1914-1971
Birth, Baptism 1972-2019
Death 1920-2019
Death 2019-
Marriage 1916-2012
Marriage 2010-2019
Kallonis, Geraki Birth, Baptism 1972-2018
Death 1988-2018
Marriage 1952-2013
Kalogonia, Sparta Birth, Baptism 1915-69
Birth, Baptism 1967-2018
Death 1969-2019
Marriage 1913-69
Marriage 1969-2018
Kaminia, Xirokambi Birth, Baptism 1912-71
Birth, Baptism 1971-2015
Death 1913-80
Marriage 1913-2011
Kampos Voion, Neapolis B-M-D 1913-52
Birth, Baptism 1954-74
Birth, Baptism 1971-2016
Birth, Baptism 2017-18
Death 1954-2017
Death 2017-18
Marriage 1955-2016
Marriage 2017-18
Karavas, Vresthenon Birth, Baptism 1973-91
Birth, Baptism 1976-78
Birth, Baptism various
Death 1976-2019
Marriage 1979-2017
Marriage various
Karitsa, Geraki Baptism 2005-07
Death 1996-2019
Marriage 2008-17
Kastanias Voion, Neapolis Birth, Baptism 1970-2015
Death 1949-2019
Marriage 1948-2015
Kastorion / Κastania   ΚΑΣ Birth, Baptism 1972-2019
Death 1913-59
Death 1959-2019
Marriage 1913-2017
Kastorion-Kastania, Kastoreio Birth, Baptism 1913-38
Birth, Baptism 1940-54
Birth, Baptism 1955-71
Kastri, Kastoreio Birth, Baptism 1912-71
Birth, Baptism 1972-2014
Death 1913-2019
Marriage 1914-2011
Kefala, Geraki Birth, Baptism 1916-71
Birth, Baptism 1972-2017
Death 1916-2019
Marriage 1916-2019
Kladas, Vresthenon Birth, Baptism 1913-1971
Birth, Baptism 1971-2019
Death 1915-2019
Marriage 1914-2019
Koniditsa, Vresthenon Birth, Baptism 1912-72
Birth, Baptism 1972-2013
Death 1913-2019
Marriage 1913-2017
Koulentia (Ellinikou), Elikas Birth, Baptism 1888-1913 *
Birth, Baptism 1915-54
Birth, Baptism 1955-71
Birth, Baptism 1972-2017
Death 1916-2018
Marriage 1915-2005
Koupia, Molaoi Birth, Baptism 1957-2016
Death 1958-2017
Marriage 1956-2009
Kremasti, Molaoi Birth, Baptism 1916-38
Birth, Baptism 1939-53
Birth, Baptism 1954-57
Birth, Baptism 1957-71
Birth, Baptism 1982-2018
Death 1916-18
Death 1971-2019
Marriage 1916-91
Marriage 1994-2018
Krokees/Levetsova, Skala Birth, Baptism 1929-55
Birth, Baptism 1954-2017
Birth, Baptism 1885-1929 *
Death 1946-2017
Death 2018-2019
Death 1914-44
Marriage 2012-2017
Marriage 1914-2011
Kyparissi Zarakos, Molaoi Birth, Baptism 1913-71
Birth, Baptism 1972-2017
Death 1913-2019
Marriage 1914-2018
Lachion Voion, Neapolis Birth, Baptism 1913-2018
Death 1914-2019
Marriage 1901-1915
Marriage 1913-2017
Lagio, Skala Birth, Baptism 1985-2016
Death 1986-2019
Marriage 2003-14
Lampokambros, Molaoi Birth, Baptism 1951-81
Birth, Baptism 1999-2017
Death 1996-2014
Marriage 1923-93
Marriage 2006-11
Lefkohoma, Sparta Birth, Baptism 1972-
Lefkoma (Kydonia & Karaspai), Sparta Birth, Baptism 1914-70
Death 1926-2019
Leimonas, Skala Birth, Baptism 1972-2018
Death 1920-2019
Marriage 2006-17
Liantina, Xirokambi Birth, Baptism 1913-69
Birth, Baptism 1972-89
Death 1916-60
Marriage 1916-85
Lira, Elikas Birth, Baptism 1913-71
Birth, Baptism 1972-2014
Death 1913-2019
Marriage 1913-2018
Logganikos, Kastoreio Birth, Baptism 1973-2018
Death 2015-
Marriage 1993-2019
Loggastra, Sparta Birth, Baptism 1913-59
Birth, Baptism 1959-42
Birth, Baptism 1959-68
Birth, Baptism 1968-2003
Death 1913-2010
Death 1956-2015
Marriage 1913-2003
Marriage 1957-83
Machmoutbei-Amykles, Sparta Birth, Baptism 1913-71
Birth, Baptism 1972-2002
Birth, Baptism 2004-2018
Death 2005-2019
Marriage 1940-2002
Marriage 2005-2019
Magoula (Agia Irini), Sparta Birth, Baptism 1946-2009
Birth, Baptism 2009-2015
Death 1946-2018
Marriage 1946-2018
Magoula (Koimisi tis Theotokou) Sparta Birth, Baptism 1908-34
Birth, Baptism 1934-48
Birth, Baptism 1970-2009
Birth, Baptism 2009-2019
Death 1913-65
Death 1966-2019
Makrinada, Vlahioti Birth, Baptism 1984-2016
Death 1973-2018
Marriage 1991-98
Megali Vrysi, Vresthenon Birth, Baptism 1944-95
Birth, Baptism 1974-2017
Death 1944-2018
Marriage 1944-2004
Mesochori, Neapolis Birth, Baptism 1910-2018
Death 1935-2019
Marriage 1910-2018
Metamorfosi (Katavothra), Molaoi Birth, Baptism 1912-52
Birth, Baptism 1955-2018
Death 1913-55
Death 1955-2019
Marriage 1912-55
Marriage 1955-2018
Mitropolitikou I. Naou, Sparta Birth, Baptism 1913-55
Birth, Baptism 1952-69
Molaoi, Molaoi Birth, Baptism 1913-54
Birth, Baptism 1913-55
Death 1927-83
Marriage 1913-55
Monemvasia, Monemvasia Birth, Baptism 1912-70
Birth, Baptism 1971-2019
Death 1912-86
Death 2000-19
Marriage 1913-97
Marriage 2001-2018
Mystras, Sparta Baptism 1938-72
Birth 1882-87 *
Birth, Baptism 1860-85 *
Birth, Baptism 1913-1972
Birth, Baptism 1917-1977
Birth, Baptism 1972-2019
Birth, Baptism (Kato Hora) 1913-1940
Death 1885-98 *
Death 1916-1991
Death 2017-
Death 1913-2016
Death (Kato Hora) 1913-1939
Marriage 1883-89 *
Marriage 1917-1970
Marriage 1913-2019
Marriage (Kato Hora) 1913-1939
Β-Μ-D 1906-1914
Mytrea, Vlachioti Birth, Baptism 1914-71
Birth, Baptism 1972-2018
Death 1913-2019
Marriage 1914-2018
Neapoli, Neapolis Baptism 1962-68
Birth, Baptism 1912-42
Birth, Baptism 1941-55
Birth, Baptism 1955-60
Birth, Baptism 1970-2018
Death 1912-42
Death 1941-1984
Death 1985-2019
Marriage 1912-42
Marriage 1941-1994
Marriage 1994-2018
Niata, Molaoi Birth, Baptism 1914-35, 80-88
Birth, Baptism 1914-48
Birth, Baptism 1948-56
Birth, Baptism 1949-2018
Death 1913-79
Death 1981-2019
Marriage 1960
Marriage 1913-78
Marriage 1948, 57-65
Marriage 1979-2018
Nomia, Monemvasia Baptism 1995-2009
Birth, Baptism 1924-53
Birth, Baptism 1952-2004
Birth, Baptism 1972-2018
Death 1925-2019
Marriage 1924-2019
Pakia, Molaoi Birth, Baptism 1915-55
Birth, Baptism 1971-2017
Death 1913-55
Death 1955-2019
Marriage 1913-54
Marriage 1955-2017
Palaiochori, Xirokambi Birth, Baptism 1916-1971
Palaiopanagia, Xirokambi Birth, Baptism 1918-1945
Birth, Baptism 1954-2016
Death 1913-1952
Death 2003-2018
Marriage 1913-1945
Pantanassa, Neapolis Birth, Baptism 1912-71
Birth, Baptism 1972-2005
Birth, Baptism 2005-18
Death 1913-2005
Death 2006-18
Marriage 1913-2004
Marriage 2006-18
Papadianikon, Asopo Birth, Baptism 1955-97
Birth, Baptism 1996-99
Birth, Baptism 1997-2019
Death 1955-57
Death 1960-2000
Death 1997-2019
Marriage 1955
Marriage 1960-2001
Marriage 1997-2019
Pardaliou, Kastoreio Birth, Baptism 1938-2010
Death 1928-2019
Marriage  1930-2017
Parori, Sparta Birth, baptism 1911-1979
Birth, baptism 1972-2011
Birth, baptism 2011-2018
Death 1913-2011
Death 2011-2018
Marriage 1914-2010
Marriage 2012-2017
Pellana, Kastoreio Birth, Baptism 1912-54
Birth, Baptism 1955-85
Death 1912-92
Death 1920-2016
Death 1993-2019
Marriage 1913-95
Perivolion, Kastoreio Baptism 2018-2018
Birth, Baptism 1894-1999 *
Death 1894-2018 *
Marriage 1894-2015 *
Pikoulianika, Sparta Birth, Baptism 1913-1972
Birth, Baptism 1975-2019
Death 1916-2019
Marriage 1916-2019
Platana, Sparta Baptism 1984-97
Baptism 1999-2015
Birth, Baptism 1972-2014
Death 1984-2019
Marriage 1985-2006
Marriage 1987-2006
Polovitsa, Xirokambi Birth, Baptism 1913-66; 2002, 03, 05, 15
Death 1912-2018
Marriage 1914-2010
Potamia, Xirokambi Birth, Baptism 1950-2018
Marriage 1950-2017
Reicheas, Molaoi Baptism 1980
Birth, Baptism 1946-54
Birth, Baptism 1946-62
Birth, Baptism 1963-70
Birth, Baptism 2011-18
Death 1951-70
Death 2011-19
Marriage 1991
Marriage 1948-65
Marriage 1968-74
Marriage 2011-16
Riviotissi, Sparta Birth, Baptism 1972-2018
Death 1957-2019
Marriage 1985-2018
Riza-Vafeio, Sparta Birth, Baptism 2004-
Death 2005-
Marriage 2005-
Sellasia, Vresthenon Birth, Baptism 1940-71
Birth, Baptism 1971-2018
Death 1965-2017
Marriage 1986-2017
Sikaraki, Sparta Birth, Baptism 1947-78
Birth, Baptism 1969-75
Birth, Baptism 1979-2016
B-M-D 1920-47
Death 1982-2019
Marriage 1982-2017
Skala, Skala Birth, Baptism 1954-72
Birth, Baptism 1969-2019
Death 1957-1968
Death 1990-2019
Death 1994-2002
Death 2002-2019
Marriage 1939-68
Marriage 1968-2000
Marriage 1995-2002
Marriage 2000-2019
Marriage 2002-2018
Sklavohori (Amykles), Sparta Birth, Baptism 1955-2018
Birth, Baptism 1916-48
Death 1919-2003
Death 2017-2019
Marriage 1914-1989
Skoura, Sparta Birth, Baptism 1911-1971
Birth, Baptism 1970-2017
Death 1913-2019
Marriage 1913-2017
Stefania, Skala Birth, Baptism 1986-2018
Death 1988-2019
Marriage 1988-2019
Sykea, Molaoi Birth, Baptism 1860-1906 *
Birth, Baptism 1912-39
Birth, Baptism 1939-2009
Birth, Baptism 1963-2019
Birth, Baptism 1978-2019
Death 1859-1913 *
Death 1912-81
Death 1981-2019
Marriage 1912-2007
Marriage 1964-2018
Marriage 1979-2017
Talanta, Elikas Birth, Baptism 1960-83
Birth, Baptism 1972-85
Birth, Baptism 1986-2015
Death 1933-60
Death 1960-88
Death 1985-2019
Marriage 1961-2018
Theologos, Kalyvia Vresthenon Birth, Baptism 1917-1978
Birth, Baptism 1972-2016
Death 1917-2017
Marriage 1917-2003
Theologos, Vresthenon Birth, baptism 1972-2013
Birth, Baptism 1973-2019
Death 1913-2017
Marriage 1913-2016
Marriage 1913-2016
Marriage 1907-1912
Trapezontis, Sparta Birth, Baptism 1934-95
Birth, Baptism 2005-19
Death 1936-97
Death 2005-16
Marriage 1992-2011
Tripi, Sparta Birth, Baptism 1917-2018
Death 1913-78; 1985 (1); 1905 (1)
Death 1981-2019
Marriage 1913-2018
Tsasi, Filisi, Peristeri, Skala Baptism, Marriage 1948-52
Birth, Baptism 1952-80
Birth, Baptism 1980-2016
Death 1910-23
Death 1980-2019
Marriage 1910-30
Marriage 1930-64
Marriage 1979-2013
Tseramio, Sparta Birth, Baptism 1970-2017
Death 1972-2018
Marriage 1972-2018
Tsouni – Kokkinorahi, Vresthenon Birth, Baptism 1912-2019
Death 1912-2019
Marriage 1914-2019
Vamvakou, Vresthenon Birth, Baptism 1914-55
Birth, Baptism 1955-70
Birth, Baptism 1971-99
Death 1914-2004
Marriage 1914-2004
Marriage 1914-78
Varsova, Sparta Birth, Baptism 1912-2017
Death 1913-2019
Marriage 1913-2018
Varvitsa, Vresthenon Birth, Baptism 1924-1978
Birth, Baptism 1972-2000
Vasilaki (Tarapsa), Xirokambi Birth, Baptism 1911-91
Birth, Baptism 1997-2018
Marriage 1953-75
Marriage, Death 1912-2016
Vasiliki, Xirokambi Baptism 1983-2010
Birth, Baptism 1971-73
Death 1973-76
Marriage various
Vassara, Vresthenon Birth, Baptism 1901-1957
Birth, Baptism 1957-2019
Death 1913-1956
Death 1957-2019
Marriage 1913-1956
Marriage 1957-2015
Velanidia, Neapolis Birth, Baptism 1915-38
Birth, Baptism 1939-69
Birth, Baptism 1969-71
Birth, Baptism 1971-2003
Birth, Baptism 2004-18
Death 1915-74
Death 2004-19
Marriage 1915-2003
Marriage 2004-13
Velies, Monemvasia Birth, Baptism 1970-2018
Death 1947-2019
Marriage 1943-2015
Verdaeiika, Kastoreio Death 2013-2013
Vlachioti, Vlachioti Birth, Baptism 1912-52
Birth, Baptism 1949-81
Birth, Baptism 1981-2019
Death 1912-78
Death 1978-2003
Death 2003-19
Marriage 1912-78
Marriage 1978-2002
Marriage 2003-18
Vordonia, Kastoreio Baptism 1976-1979
Baptism 1982-90
Baptism 1991-2017
Birth, Baptism 1934-1954
Birth, Baptism 1954-75
Birth, Baptism 1972-2013
Death 2011-2019
Marriages 1978-2011
Marriages 1978-90
Marriages 2005-2017
Marriages 1992-2012
Voutiani, Vresthenon Baptism 1899-1921 *
Birth 1899-1920 *
Birth, Baptism 1913-72
Birth, Baptism 1972-2017
Death 1899-1921 *
Death 1913-2019
Marriage 1900-1920
Marriage 1914-2018
Vresthena, Vresthenon Birth, Baptism 1972-2018
Birth, Baptism 1982-2019
Death 1913-81
Marriage 1913-2019
Vrondamas, Geraki Birth, Baptism 1972-2018
Death 1978-2019
Marriage 1972-2018
Vroulia (Sellasia), Vresthenon Baptism 1892-1910 *
Baptism 1893-1907  *
B-M-D 1872-1907 *
Xirokambi, Xirokambi Birth & Baptism 1879-1889; 1892-1901; 1903-1906; 1907-1912   *
Birth & Baptism 1913-2014
Birth & Baptism 1963-1958; 1961-1971
Death 1913-2018
Marriage 1893-2015  *
Zarafona (Kallithea), Geraki Birth, Baptism 2004-15
Death 2010-19
Marriage 2002-19
Zerbitsa Monastery, Xirokambi Baptism 1975-87
Baptism 1988-91
Baptism 1991-92
Baptism 1994-96
Baptism 1996-98
Baptism 1999-2009
Baptism 2009-2019
Zoupena, Geraki Baptism 1984-98
Baptism 1999-2017
Birth, Baptism 1914-47; 1964
Birth, Baptism 1966-84
Birth, Baptism 1971-2017
Death 1966-2004
Death 2005-19
Marriage 2001-12
Marriage 2014-2018


Six Dots to Marriage

Do you have a family tree that looks like this?

If you were in Greece and planning to marry a person who had the same last name and  who was from the same village, this diagram might be on your marriage license. It represents the abbreviated pedigree charts of the engaged couple and would indicate whether their marriage could be performed by the Orthodox Church.

Marriages are not permitted between people who are closer than  six dots to each other (approximately third cousins). To simplify understanding the relationship, the village priest could create this chart which would show the couple’s connection to each other, back to their common ancestor.

This is how we would read the chart:  count the number of dots between the groom and the bride, including their common ancestor. If the groom was the second generation dot and the bride was the second generation dot, the 5-dot connection meant that no marriage could occur.

If the groom was the second generation dot and the bride was the third generation dot, a marriage could occur because the couple has a 6-dot connection.

This is the document which revealed this interesting and important rule.

Sparta Marriage Record #199, year 1930

In this letter requesting permission for marriage, the bride, Anastasia, is a 4th generation dot (left side) and the groom, Vaselios, is a 3rd generation dot (right side). Counting up the triangle to the common ancestor and down, there is a 7 dot connection. This meets the minimum of 6 and the marriage can be performed.

I love that the priest put an arched row of tiny dots to ensure that the chart could not be misread. Documents like this are a reason why I love digging into old records!