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Under this tab, “Research Help,” you will receive guidance on finding, reading and interpreting the records needed when researching villages around Sparta. The links below are to posts on this blog and to other relevant sources. Click on the title to access the post.

List of Greek Occupations in 19th century records, translated into English.
Click here to download pdf.

Beyond the Basics: Parish Voter Lists

Beyond the Basics: 1856 Parish Census searchable databases of records in Greece. Additional info is here; also a webinar describing searchable records on and is here.

Surnames of Agios Ioannis (St. Johns), Sparta from the Mitroon Arrenon (Male Register)

Surnames of Anavriti (Vryseon) from the Mitroon Arrenon (Male Register)

Surnames from the Mitroon Arrenon (Male Register) for Mystras, Laconia, and neighboring villages

Archives of Sparta: Mitroon Arrenon (Male Registers)

Archives of Sparta: Dimotologion (Town Register) Records

School Records from Sparta: Finding Your Ancestors as Children

General Tips for “Crossing the Pond”

Navigating the GAK Archive to Locate Election Lists

1872 Electoral Rolls from Sparta

Abbreviations in Handwritten Records

1890 Linguistic Map of the Peloponnese

Families of Anavryti

The Elementary School of Anavriti (municipality of Vryseon) in 1838

Greek Microfilms at the FamilySearch Library

Church Records in Greek Villages

Book, Archives of Dimitrios Slavaras, notary of Mystras, Volume B, Years: 1832-43. Records of Notaries include any type of legal transaction including dowries and land transfers. This book is published by the GAK office of Sparta and is on the internet in pdf format. It contains synopses of the records of the notary Dimitrios Salvaras of Mystras, years 1832-43. Scroll until you get to image 26 where the descriptions of the records begin. Many thanks to the GAK of Sparta for putting this online.

The “Greece” page at Cyndi’s List has links to online resources.

The Greece Genealogy page at the FamilySearch Wiki is a rich resource, with many links to assist with Greek research.