Greece 2017

Three trips in four years? Yes, and I am on a roll! My sojourn in Greece this past July-August was unlike the others: my children/grandchildren did not accompany me and my focus was strictly research. Brief trips to Corinth and Mani were interspersed between days of archival research, church visits, cemetery research, and hours in the Sparta library.

Although I traveled alone, I was never alone.  Friends and family made sure I had companionship, dinner dates, and tour guides. I was blessed with good health and safety during the entire trip. I accomplished everything I had planned except for visits to several Town Halls to access Male Registers. But, I had to leave something on the “to do” list for the next trip!

The blog posts below summarize what I did and what I learned. I hope they will be helpful to you.  I am happy to answer questions or provide research guidance. Please contact me at

Part One: Piraeus

Part Two: Athens & The War Museum

Part Three: Corinth

Part Four: Sparta – Ancient & Modern

Part Five: Researching in Greek Cemeteries

Part Six: Theologos

Part Seven: Archives Research in Kalamata

Part Eight: Archives Research in Sparta