Celebrating Ten Years of Greek Genealogy

This post was written by my colleague, Gregory Kontos, founder of GreekAncestry.net. I am both proud and honored to be part of this 10-year movement in Greek genealogy. It is the capstone of my life to honor my ancestors, participate in Greek record preservation, and to help others.

Gregory Kontos and me, preparing to digitize Lakonia village church books at the Metropolis of Sparta, 2019

Below is a list of some of the events highlighted. Please read the full article here.

Ten years Hellenic Genealogy Geek:
An assessment of last ten-year developments

In a few days, on April 16th, Hellenic Genealogy Geek celebrates its anniversary. When it was created ten years ago, in 2010, no one would have imagined the developments that were to follow in the field of Greek genealogy. Feeling blessed to have participated in some of them, I decided to list those which I consider the most emblematic and add my own testimony. It is a story of people sharing their passion and joining forces to advance Greek genealogy.

  • April 2010 – Foundation of the Hellenic Genealogy Geek
  • 2011 – The Family Trees of Southern Parnon
  • November 2014 – “Ancient Roots”, the Greek episode of “Finding your Roots”
  • April 2015 – The First National Hellenic American Genealogy Conference
  • September 2015 –A Hellenic Genealogy Conference in Salt Lake City
  • December 2016 – MyHeritage gets interested in Greece
  • 2020 is the year of triple success: Greek genealogy session at RootsTech; launch of GreekAncestry; forthcoming release of MyHeritage Greek records collection

In the final paragraph, Gregory invites us all to join in this exciting and groundbreaking movement:  Co-operations are deemed necessary, and, for this reason, as Greek Ancestry’s founder, I would like to make an open call to whoever is interested in the advancement of the field.

You can read the full article here.

New Greek Genealogy Website Has Launched!

Launching today is a powerful new tool for Greek genealogists, the website, GreekAncestry.net. This is the first digital platform created to meet the needs of people who are researching their families in Greece. The site is bi-lingual, and people can search by name or village, in either English or Greek. For those who struggle to read Greek script, this feature is priceless.

The website hosts over 100,000 images from the following regions in Greece:  Arcadia (Tripolis), Crete (Chania), Lakonia (Sparta) and Messinia (Kalamata). Types of records include: voting lists, military lists, male registers, census records, and many more. The  databases will be updated on a monthly basis.

To assist with navigating the site and ordering records, video tutorials are available:

How to Navigate the Website

How to Search and Order Records

In searching the site for Lakonia, I found the name of my great-grandfather, Andreas Kostakos, in a list of men eligible to vote in 1844 in Sparta. I am so very excited to find many of my Spartan surnames. My research will leap forward now that I can look for specific people in specific villages.

As records from additional areas in Greece are indexed and made available, I know that regular users of GreekAncestry.net will be able to find information previously “hidden” to them. Many people will now be able to link the present to past, and share copies of original records with their families.

Every record that is ordered will come with an English translation, a full source citation, and a digital image. The cost for one record is $8.99, and the price decreases the more records that are ordered. Such a small price to pay for having the luxury of conducting a name-search in Greek records, especially those that are handwritten in old script!

GreekAncestry.net is founded by historian and professional Hellenic genealogist, Gregory Kontos. An expert in Greek migration history, Gregory is a leader in the Greek genealogy community. He pioneers digitization projects, supervises indexing teams, and conducts research for people worldwide. I have worked with Greg and have full confidence in his knowledge and trust in his honesty. I wish my friend great success, and thank him for making this service available.