Greek Genealogy Live Webinars begin this Saturday, April 25

The first in a series of live, free Greek genealogy webinars, hosted by Gregory Kontos, founder of, will be held this Saturday, April 25, at at noon (PST), 1pm (MST), 2pm (CST) 3pm (EST). The live will be done through Greek Ancestry Facebook page, so don’t forget to follow it here.  The topic of discussion will be Greek voter lists.

The presentation will last 15minutes with a question and answer period. More webinars and educational videos will follow.

Gregory has prepared a brief video explaining what is needed to begin your Greek research:



Greek Genealogy Webinar, April 11 & 18

I am honored to have presented a two-part webinar on Greek Genealogy, hosted by professional genealogist and my friend, DearMYRTLE. Please join me as we explore ways to further your family history research in Greece.

Session 1 was held on Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Topic: Finding Your Original Surname & Village of Origin
The link to the archived webinar can be accessed on YouTube here.

Session 2 was held on Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Topic: Church and Civil Records in Greece.
The link to the archived webinar and supplementary links can be accessed here.

There are handouts and supplementary materials for both sessions which are captured on a Google spreadsheet. That link can be found here. I suggest that you download the spreadsheet so you can have access to the many resources contained therein.

I hope these webinars will be of help to you!